Hello Food Safeteers I failed to have my website ready by September 16th. I am so sorry. I feel really bad for not fulfilling my promise to you in the World Food Safety Day video. I am working hard to get it ready during this month. I am positive the website will be a tool to bring Food Safety professionals together around the mission of providing safe food to the consumers. See you soon!


Nuno F. Soares is an emerging food safety expert. Given my contacts with him the past several years, I am confident that he will continue his work and collaborate with others to assure food safety throughout the global food supply chain”. Dr. William Sperber

  “I would highly recommend working on any new projects on food safety with Nuno, as he is very knowledgeable in the food safety arena. He is definitely a name to look out for in the field of food safety for the future.” Dr. Ajay Shah

  “Nuno's passion for food safety quality is driven by his insatiable appetite to improve food safety systems "one foot in front of another" .... always forward via his research and publications. He is a Food Safety Professional in every sense: forward thinking, experienced, competent, thorough, and committed.” Jocelyn Lee, Food Safety Consultant California USA

  “All of the projects Mr. Soares was leading were executed with excellence, on time and according to all success criteria.Mikhail Kalinichenko

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