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A ton of food is wasted for each person that is affected by hunger !

In preparation to hosting a discussion of Food Safety and Sustainability I found two reports from the United Nations that lead to a simple conclusion:


Most likely we are wasting more than a ton of food for each person affected by hunger.


I was proud to host a discussion around Food Safety and Sustainability during the 2022 Portuguese Quality Association conference. In this talk members from the industry presented some of the work that they are doing to increase sustainability in their business.


They shared examples on how going upstream and controlling raw materials still in the suppliers can reduce waste and resources used, how working directly with the suppliers can enable agreements to reduce the use of pesticides, and also how food safety training can impact the social pillar of sustainability


In fact, the work of food safety professionals is fundamental to achieve this goal not only because


Unsafe food = Wasted food


but also because every measure that can impact the product itself (packaging, formulation, shelf-life,…) must be balanced with the impact on food safety.


After all if it is not safe it is not food.


Here is a talk I hade with Lisa Spicka from NFS during the GFSI conference.

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This article was written by:

Nuno F. Soares

Disclaimer: The information contained on this article is based on research done in the last months and the authors personal experience and opinion. It is not intended to represent the view of any organization they work for or collaborate with. The authors will not be held liable for the use or misuse of the information provided in the article.

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