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I joined Barbara and the Food Safety Magazine team to have a long talk around several topics. Our talk starts at 19:46.

We began by the I’m a SLO movement and how it is a starting point for developing Food Safety Culture. After this, I briefly presented how to develop the I’m a SLO mindset in a 4 steps framework. We then changed gears to talk about the concept of Lean HACCP and I presented 3 Lean tools that can be of great assistance for Food Safety Professionals.

We then moved into a more personal section where I explained why I made a career change two years ago and my perspective on what changes in Food Safety over the past few years.

We wrapped up with my thoughts on the next big challenges for Food Safety Professionals and for Food Safety Systems.

Barbara and I had a great time and we gave a toast to the I’m a SLO movement. Don’t miss this talk as I believe you will also have a good time hearing it.

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