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Audits, FSSC 22000, ISO 22000

Technology and conformity assessment

Auditors will be increasingly required to focus on understanding process-based auditing and to conduct real time risk assessments. Auditing prescriptive requirements and check-lists will be less important in the future. Market needs are continuously evolving and some events or extraordinary context (our current ongoing COVID 19 pandemic and its disruptive cascading systems failures) as a [...]
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Auditors, Audits

Audits and Auditors

In March 2018 Shuchi Arya and I published an article about Auditors and Auditing. At the time, we had great feedback and so many great comments on it. Since then, a new version of ISO 19011 (July 2018) and, more recently, the COVID 19 pandemic unexpectedly disrupted (also) the Audits world. It seemed to make [...]
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Audits, HACCP, Nonconformities

Go UPSTREAM, find root cause

Root cause analysis is a structural and powerful methodology used to solve problems. It requires to look beyond the solution to the immediate problem and understand the fundamental causes of the situation in order to prevent the recurrence of the same incident, problem or non-conformity.   I am standing by the shore of a swiftly [...]
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