This month I am doing something very special for you.

Following the 2019 GFSI Conference of February 25 th to 29 th which took place in Nice, France, I reached out to several of the key speakers and challenged them to share the essence of their presentations and their compelling takeaways with food safety professionals who could not attend.

More than 1000 delegates from the food industry, government and academia from over 60 countries attended the conference under the theme:

“Emerging Challenges & The Future of Food Safety”.

So, if you were not able to attend the conference you may view and benefit from some of the keynote insights of this conference.  I hope you enjoy these top food safety professional interviews as much as I did in speaking with them.

I wish this way, even if you were not able to attend you can observe and keep some of the keynote insights from this conference.

Listed below are interviews’ video clips of Kimberly Coffin (SAI), Rob Chester (NSF), Antoine Giros (Bureau Veritas), Chandaka Ratnapala (Woolworths), Ondina Afonso (SONAE), Bizhan Pourkomailian (McDonald’s), and John Donoghy (Nestle S.A.).

I would like take this opportunity to endorse my humble gratitude to all the top food safety professionals who generously shared their precious time.


Interview with Kimberly Coffin – Head of Food, Retail and Hospitality at SAI (Australia)

Interview with Rob Chester – UK Managing Director at NSF International (United Kingdom)

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